Great Smart Clothes for Athletics

If you are athletic than you are probably all about your tech as well. Did you know that the tech companies were thinking of you when they designed the newest wave of networked athletic wear? In today’s day where everything has a computer chip in it you know it was just a matter of time before apparel got networked. From an athlete perspective, this is great news. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could adjust your music from your tee-shirt? Better yet, how awesome would it be to have underpants with built in air conditioning? The technology is there and progress is moving forward. With today’s advancements in smart technology, smart apparel is not just an idea but a reality. According to an article on readwrite, athletic wear and gear are currently being networked together. Some of the athletic wear items that are being computer chipped include: motion detecting pants, proximity sensing shirt, smart running shoes, heart sensing bra, thought helmet, biosensor underwear, neuro headset, nanofibers, iPod watch, and networked jacket.

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